Drain Survey Services

Drain CCTV

Sometimes it's impossible to diagnose a blocked drain without using CCTV equipment to take a look down there. There could be many causes, some obvious and others may need closer inspection

All our equipment is available across Wirral, Chester and North Wales and we provide you with both a written report and also the CCTV footage on CD. You may need to keep both of these especially if you have just purchased a property or even need evidence for your insurance company.

When will need a CCTV Drain Survey?

  • It would be advised to get a survey when buying a new home
  • Insurance Company may require a drain survey
  • To detect where the blockage or collapse may be.
  • To check the severity of the blockage or drain collapse
  • Relining Drains and root examination

Clear Drain Services have been brilliant! Excavated the drains in my garden with mininmum fuss