Blocked Drains - Cleaned

Blocked Drains, Sinks and Toilets

You are normally responsible for all drains that serve your property. This means keeping them clean and in good repair.Your responsibility does not stop at the boundary of your property. Drains that serve your property are usually your responsibility until they connect with a main sewer in the road. So too are sewers built after 1937.

Collasped Drains and Repairs

Though you might not notice, these problems usually occur over a long period. Finally the drains are not able to adequetly flow and clog up very rapidly. In all of these cases it is necessary to replace all or part of the drains. The drains must be replaced to preserve the correct flow and the surrounding ground reinstated in such a way that the problem will not recur.

Root damage and drain Re-lining

It is simply a method of placing a new pipe in an existing damaged pipe without the need for excavation. The new pipe is moulded into the damaged pipe by an ingenious method called “inversion” using water or air pressure.

Sceptic Tanks Emptied.

When it comes to emptying domestic septic tanks and the removal of domestic sewage we specialise in understanding the needs of our customers. We appreciate the importance of emptying your septic tank with the minimum of disruption